02/27/2021 / in Investments

🌱 Radicle - Peer to peer code collaboration 🌱

Radicle is a decentralized code collaboration network built on open protocols. Developers can collaborate on code without relying on a centralized repository hosting service. Radicle uses a peer-to-peer data replication protocol for developers to share code. Complete transparency is provided through a top to bottom open source stack. A closed source centralized example would be services like Github and GitLab.

Why Radicle? The entire backbone of the decentralized web rests on code maintenance within centralized repository hosting services. This acts as an unsuspecting attack vector on the security, coordination and maintenance of over a trillion dollars worth of assets. Further, these centralized services have the capacity to limit permission less access to these codebases. For example, Github has censored repositories for breaking local laws (you can see a list of takedown notices here:

While Git is by nature a distributed framework, users need a way of synchronizing update requests. Services like Radicle provide a decentralized, open source and censor-proof way for developers to maintain and collaborate on codebases without fear of censorship or downtime. As we’ve already seen, many fundamental repositories are already being maintained on Radicle, such as Bitcoin Core. In addition to being an open and permission less alternative to Github and GitLab, it also acts as an important safety network for the upkeep of vital code.

eGirl Capital has invested in Radicle because it has the capacity to serve a multibillion dollar industry while taking a vital step towards decentralization.

Written by: Mewny & Fj

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